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Multinational Interpreting and Translation Company


Open Language is a multinational interpreting and translation company that primarily aims at providing quality and valuable language services, kipping up with the currently-globalized need of communicating in an effective and efficient way. Open Language offers a wide range of services: translation, interpretation, transcription and proofreading in various specialist fields, as well as English, Spanish and Portuguese classes. 



High-level training and vast work experience in various specialist fields characterize our professional staff, which allows us to provide a professional and excellent service.



Why choose us?

The building blocks of our work are confidentiality, quality, punctuality and accuracy. 


The Royal Spanish Academy defines quality as "a set of properties intrinsically associated with an object that estimates its value." In Open Language, we are committed to provide a highly valued language service due to our professionals' high-level training and vast work experience. 


Our staff of professionals guarantees complete confidentiality when undertaking our work, preserving the information trusted in their hands. 


When seeking for our services, Open Language professionals agree with the client the due date, which will be respected and the service will be provided based on the time and date previously established. 



Umberto Eco, in his work Decir casi lo mismo, experiencias de traducción (Meaning Almost the Same, Translation Experiences), states that, when translating, professionals need to negotiate meaning with text, author and their native language. Translations should help readers to enter the thoughts of the original text since it is the translation itself, and not the translator, what should be revealed. Eco claims that “no dictionary offers the term precision as a synonym for accuracy. Instead, one can find the terms loyalty, honesty, respect, piety.” Such is our mission at Open Language

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Open-Language Argentina

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