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Open Language provides proofreading services for translated documents or papers written in the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Swedish, Chinese, and Italian.

Our staff is formed by professionals who proofread documents in their native language and who have been trained as specialists in different areas.

Our proofreading section includes the following services:

  • Proofreading translations’ and written documents’ spelling, grammar and style

  • Proofreading translations’ and written documents’ coherence and cohesion

  • Cultural adaptation of documents

  • Among other aspects

In case you require an proofreading service in a language different from the ones previously mentioned, do not hesitate to contact us




Open-Language Argentina

Avenida España 820

Mendoza, Argentina

Teléfono: +54 9 2644430762

Correo: g.herce@open-language.com

Open-Language Chile

Las Cañas #1757, Independencia

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Teléfono: +56 9 7776 2087

Correo: claudia.morales@open-language.com


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